Barry McCormick

    Character » Barry McCormick appears in 3 issues.

    Barry McCormick was a New York Police officer who attempted to take care of Aunt May during a crisis situation.

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    A battle between Tokkots of the Dark Gods and his foes Thor and Spider-Man had turned part of New York into ruins. Barry and other officers were attempting to evacuate the crowds when he located an elderly woman in trouble. May Parker was desperately looking for her nephew Peter. She was worried about said but also needed the drug prescription the younger Parker had took with him. Staying poff her medication for too long would kill her.  
    Barry transported May to relative safety on the sidelines of the battle. Tokkots realized Thor cared about the mortals and willingly endangered them as a diversion tactic. However it was Spider-Man who reacted first. Barry found himself fighting alongside the masked vigilante. The bullets from his gun found their target on Tokkots' body. The Dark God being invulnerable, the bullets had little effect.  
    Barry stood by as the heroes defeated Tokkots and the villain teleported away.  May soon received proper medical attention.


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