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Barry Hubris is The Tick!  Or is he?  Not anymore.  Now he's just Barry.  When The Tick and Arthur visit NYC, they go to the superhero club.  Once there, Tick is informed that there is another Tick.  This Tick is Barry.  He's brown and has a crushing shield.  Barry is not pleased to see another with his name, and he challenges Tick to battle.  At fist, Barry would appear to be winning, however, The Tick turns the tide and defeats him.  The Tick remains The Tick, and Barry is Barry. Barry has over the years tried to kill the Tick and / or reclaim the title of the Tick, but always fails.  He went so far to have his arch-enemies the Evileers attack the Tick for him. It's revealed h e was once in Evanston Clinic (along with the Tick) and the Tick (in his escape) accidently freed Barry. Barry steals the superhero egoes of other heroes he beats up, his victums included t he Louse, the Whirling Scottish Devil (now the Red Scare), Captain Two-by-Four, Cheese Wizard, the Beachnik, the Littlest Girl Scout    and likely others.   In The Tick: Days of Drama, he is seen in Blissville , where he mows his lawn to prevent himself from hearing the voices in his head... doing so while nude.  His mental state become more unstable as the series go on. So much to the point, he tried to murder  Hand Grenade and the Ant for interrupting his movie. He owns lobotomized dog named Host. It's implied Host being lobotomized might have help / caused his mental state become unstable.

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