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    A Decepticon and leads the "Race Car Patrol Team"

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    Transformers G1

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    First appearing in Generation 1 as a Micromaster. He is the leader of the Race Track Patrol. And learned how to take care of himself whilst running with some of the most vicious race gangs on Cybertron.

    The troops under his command know full well that even the slightest failure from any of them will be given a harsh scolding in front of the others.

    This hard and abusive leadership style does not leave much room for a morale boost. But he is convinced it is for the best.


    • Height: 17'
    • Weight: 2 tons

    Other Media


    Transformers: Energon

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    Leader of the Destruction Team , a group of five military themed vehicles who combine to form the powerful Bruticus Maximus.

    It is an interesting thing to note that in the cartoon he was never referred by name or even as an individual character, most of the time he appeared as the torso of Bruticus Maximus.


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    "Autobots, foul Autobots, here we come. Let our long war resume—and let it end here." Barricade in Ghost of Yesterday

    Barricade transforms into a Saleen Mustang police car. He is also identified as N.B.E.04. Written on the side of his police car form are the words "To punish and enslave".

    Even by Decepticon standards he is considered bad tempered. Despite this reputation he was willing to give Starscream the benefit of the doubt as his position as leader of the Decepticons, for a little while at least anyway.

    Though he is not totally loyal to Starscream he is alot less open about his mutinous tendencies than others such as Blackout. Believing that Starscream was vital in their search for both Megatron and the AllSpark.

    In a sense that could make him Starscream's closest ally. But then it has also been said that he enjoys tricking people into trusting him only so he can later see their reaction when they find out the truth.

    This is the reason he has picked a police car for his alt mode,so he can deceive the humans around him.

    His attitude towards the Autobots is alot more simple,kill them, all of them. Despite not being as large as many of his fellow Decepticons he is still every bit as deadly.

    Relishing in challenging Autobots. He may let one live at times if he thinks they can be used to their advantage but in most instances they end up as scrap.

    Video Games

    Transformers: Forged to Fight (2017)

    Dark of the Moon Film Appearance
    Dark of the Moon Film Appearance

    Barricade (Dark of the Moon) is a Scout class playable character and enemy, Barricade is also a 1-4 star rank character.

    Game Bio: This Decepticon puts his own spin on good cop, bad cop. People think they're dealing with a good cop when Barricade rolls up. But, when he's done with them, they'll know they've tangled with a seriously bad cop. Want more proof? 'To Punish and Enslave' is the mantra he lives by.

    Barricade was released on April 5th, 2017.


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