Barreer Wot

    Character » Barreer Wot appears in 59 issues.

    Green Lantern of Space Sector 3014.

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    Green Lantern Stats

    Green Lantern Status: Active

    Space Sector: 3014

    Sector Partner: Lok Neboora

    Homeworld: Toomey VI

    Predecessor: UnknownSuccessor: Inapplicable


    Enjoying some
    Enjoying some "down time" on Oa

    His species endangered, Barreer Wot faces much more than the regular Corpsman. Not only must he contend with the usual miscreants attempting to destroy the Green Lantern Corps, he's also the main target for a universal poaching group. His Toomean hide is worth more than some planets are on the black market. This could be because his race eats its fallen comrades as an honor.

    During the Sinestro Corps War, Bareer Wot fought an unnamed tentacled soldier of the Sinestro Corp and battled the amorphous villain Slushh alongside his partner Lok Neboora. Barreer Wot developed a friendship with his sector partner in basic training and the two have been seen dining together in the cafeteria on Oa.

    Major Story Arcs

    War of the Green Lanterns

    In War of The Green Lanterns the guardians have dispatched a team of Green Lanterns led by Salaak to recover Hal Jordan for treason against the universe and the Green Lantern Corps. Salaak was given permission to hand select his team to track down the wanted Hal Jordan. Salaak chose : B'dg (Sector 1014), Turytt (Sector 786), Stel (Sector 2937), Norchavius (Sector 26), Meadlux (Sector 1776), Bareer's sector partner Lok Neboora. Bareer and his fellow Lanterns then act in a psychotic, dangerous manner against Hal, due to the influence of the rogue Guardian Krona.

    New 52

    Green Lanterns Corps: Fearsome

    Barreer Wot and Lok Neboora are seen on Salaak's monitor when Guy Gardner and John Stewart are bothering Salaak.

    Hal chooses Barreer as part of his personal strike team when chasing down a Khund military starship force. This was after a Khund-Durlan alliance had made many powerful attacks against the Corps.

    Wot is one of the many fatalities when a Green Lantern squad confronts New God forces led by Orion; this is when the Lanterns are trying to learn why the New Gods are taking Lantern rings. It is later learned that the Lantern deaths were not sanctioned or supported by the New Gods commander Highfather, who is highly displeased and distressed.


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