Character » Barrage appears in 19 issues.

    Little has been revealed about the origin’s of the man known as Barrage. He wears a suit of body armour he created and operates in Metropolis.

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    Barrage originally appears where he ends up putting detective Dan Turpin in the hospital, he would later battle with Maggie Sawyer in an confrontation that would cost him his right arm. Following this he was imprisoned on Stryker's Island, but quickly escaped by calling in favors of the other prisoners and returned to his hideout. He then gained a new more powerful suit of armor, which he then used to attack Maggie and the Special Crimes Unit, however Superman defeated and imprisoned him yet again. After this he would escape prison once again, this time in pursuit of vengeance against the Man of Steel himself. He quickly joined the newest incarnation of the Superman Revenge Squad, but was once again defeated and imprisoned.

    Powers and Abilities

    Enhanced Abilities: Barrage has super human strength and endurance.

    Body Armour: Barrage’s exo-skeleton provides him with some protection from physical and energy attacks.

    Energy Blasts: Barrage can project energy blasts from a weapon attached to his arm.


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