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    Character » Baroness Zemo appears in 11 issues.

    Baroness Zemo is assumed to be the reincarnation of Heinrich Zemo XII, created by Arnim Zola... Although she herself claims that her real origin is unknown, In order to marry Heinrich Zemo's son, Baron (Helmut) Zemo and become one of his many partners in Crime.

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    Heike Zemo first appeared after the fall of the Communist party in Eastern Europe, seeking an opportunity to fund terrorist organizations that relied on the Communists to supply them. Nearly six months into business, Baroness Zemo contracted with the Yakuza in order to obtain services from the White Ninja. The White Ninja then aided her by stealing the Cassidy Crystals from OsCorp Industries. Her primary objective was to send a series of missiles to various World capitals, to bombard their populations with the Crystals, Assuming the role amongst the terrified masses as the new all-powerful ruler of the world, and to resurrect and control the remains of the Nazi Party, with it's remaining inhabitance such as Baron Strucker and the Red Skull. Silver Sable and Spider-man traveled to Castle Zemo to thwart her plans, where they succeeded in stopping both Zemo and the White Ninja... And, during the battle, Heike was exposed to the Cassidy Crystals she planned on using to spread mass Hestia, only to temporarily drive herself insane for a short time instead. Seeing herself as a monster, she smashed her face into a mirror in an effort to tear the skin off of it. Blinded by blood, in an effort to launch the missiles, she inadvertently pressed the self-destruct button. Spider-Man tried to drag her to safety, but she fought him off until he was forced to flee the castle before it blew up.    


    Baroness Zemo was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in Spider-Man: Fear Itself #1 (1992).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    In love with Baron Zemo

    Afterwards, after disclaiming any relation to Baron Heinrich Zemo XII, she fell in love and eventually married Heinrich Zemo's son -- Helmut Zemo, and even mirrored her new attire after her new husband's costume... Not including his mask, that she left open until later on to show off her facial appearance. They both lived in Helmut Zemo's heretical home Castle Zemo in Malpaso, Mexico... Under the advisements of the Kinder. 
    Heike Zemo and her new husband Helmut Zemo were eventually seen again when Captain America and Diamondback were following a lead on a group of missing children to their home, but they were required to not attack but flee, for the risk of the Nazi Wunderkinder (Or, "Wonder Kids", also known as "Hitler's youth") injuring the hostage children. After to capturing Diamondback and Captain America, Baroness Zemo then confronted Superia on the matter of physically enhancing the children to make them into miniature Super-Soldiers,   and Superia offered Heike a position of power in her organization, the Femizons. Heike expressed interest, even to the point of being willing to eliminate Zemo, whom she referred to as devoted domestic help. Unbeknownst to her, Zemo overheard this conversation and was deeply hurt by it. 
    Meanwhile, the Super-heroine Free Spirit arrived at Castle Zemo, also interested in the missing children's case. She rescued both Captain America and Diamondback from Baron Helmut Zemo's super-adhesive called Plastoids (a Similar substance to Heinrich Zemo's original super-adhesive, called "Adhesive X"). Unknown to her husband Helmut Zemo, Heike was gassed and bounded by Superia. The Baroness then regain conciousness while Superia not paying attention and escaped her trap, and then confronted her husband to admit to him that she only told Superia what she wanted to hear, in order to turn her over to Zemo's cause and to Physically enhance their brain washed captives, and Helmut Zemo then fled Superia's clutches with her. The two Zemos then continued a fight with Captain America & Diamondback, which resulted in Helmut Zemo falling into a molten vat of Adhesive X after a blow from Captain America's shield, and Heike went in after him in order to 'rescue' him.  The two had planned this to avoid potential capture and wore special adhesive proof uniforms prior to Cap's arrival. However, Captain America -- having seen Zemo escape this way before -- tracked them to the escape pipe, and captured the glue covered nazis and brought them back to America to await the authorities. 


    The two Zemo's were then but in prison, and in the last mention of her from Helmut Zemo, Heike Zemo died while they were in prison of cancer, and isolation related illness.

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