Baron Zero

    Character » Baron Zero appears in 4 issues.

    Amalgam of Marvel character Baron Strucker and DC character Mr. Freeze

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    Colonel Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker story starts out in the final days of World War II. He and The Green Skull escape the slow deterioration of the once great Nazi Empire. Upon their escape they form one of the greatest terrorist organization whose task is to spread the Nazi goal of World Domination; This Organization is called Hydra.

    This alliance however is short lived. The Baron himself planned on becomeing the sole ruler of Hydra. So Baron Zero allied himself with the daughter of the Green Skull, Madame Cat or Selina Luthor. So a few days later, a coup was led by Mamdame Cat and in this event she was able to strangle the Green Skull to death and Baron Zero pledged allegiance to her.

    Later However, as S.H.I.E.L.D started invading the base, a top secret machine known as the Plantet Smasher Program was activated. Madame Cat finds out that The Green Skull activated the machine before his death. The purpose of the machine was to shoot a giant DoomsDay Gun down a shaft that was drilled down unto the Continental Shelf. Upon impact, the entire East Coast of the United States will drop into the Ocean in the hopes to destroy Super Soldier.

    As several heroes such as MoonWing, Black Bat, and Bruce Wayne enter the Baron Zero and Madame Cat engage them in battle. During the combat, Madame Cat confesses that neiter she nor anyone knows how to deactivate the machine leaving all of them to their doom.

    But the Green Skull was actually alive, Everything else was just a set up so that he can relocate the base and at the same time see all of his enemies get destroyed.


    The Baron doesnt have superpowers at the very start, it is only after an experiment that he gains the ability to control ice and snow. He is also permanently imbued to his suit due to a consequence in a battle with Super-Soldier.

    Aside from this, he also gains enhanced strength to match his keen intelligence.


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