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Baron Tibor was a centuries-old vampire who stalked Transylvania near the grounds of Castle Tibor. The evil and vicious Baron was finally defeated and destroyed with a wooden stake carved from a tree that had taken root in the burial ground of many of his own victims (Mystery Comics Digest # 4, "A Tree Grows in Transylvania"). After his death, Tibor's soul was consigned to the Hell of the Undead, where he was tortured incessantly for his vampire crimes. During his time there, he repented his sins and swore that he would mend his ways if ever given a second chance.

That chance came when a cult of vampire worshippers revived him (The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor #1, "The Cult of the Vampire"). The cult tried to coerce Tibor back to his evil ways, but the Baron was rescued from their clutches by Dr. Adam Spektor, who managed to partially cure the vampire's affliction. As a result of Spektor's treatment, Tibor was able to overcome his lust for human blood, but also lost his vampire powers.

A further benefit of the cure was that, no longer being evil, Tibor no longer had an aversion to crosses, as he discovered from his encounter with some thieves who attempted to rob his castle (The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor #11, "Of Bats and Men"). This came in handy when he next met his friend Spektor and had to help him prevent a vampire invasion led by Count Dracula himself (The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor #8, "Dracula's Vampire Legion").

The Baron's attempts to find a normal life eventually ended, however, when he sadly found that his bloodlust was returning, and sought the aid of his friend Dr. Spektor (The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor #15, "The Brain of Xorkon"). At the same time, he was drawn to America by the mystic brain of the ancient sorceror Xorkon, who wanted to assume the body of the vampire and live forever. Spektor and Tibor, with the help of Lakota Rainflower and psychic Elliott Kane, managed to defeat Xorkon, but the Baron's bloodlust resumed control, and the vampire was finally destroyed when he plummeted from a great height onto a wooden post.

Baron Tibor's remains were laid to rest in the Spektor family crypt on the grounds of Spektor Manor.

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