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Baron Samedi, an agent of AIM, had a base in Haiti beneath a graveyard. With their Mind-Mechanism, AIM gathered local people and transformed them into zombie-like creatures. They then went on raids of local factories. On one of the raids, one of the zuvembies was captured, and recognized as the dead brother of the plant's owner.

Brother Voodoo was alerted to Samedi's raids, and viewed the captured zuvembie, and a pathologist from the United Nations was summoned to Haiti to examine him.

As the pathologist arrived in Haiti, agents sent by Samedi attempted to kidnap him, but Brother Voodoo arrived and defeated them.

The pathologist recognized some of the dirt on the zuvembie as coming from a grave, and so, Brother Voodoo journeyed to the local cemetery. There, he fought Samedi's army of zuvembies, and was defeated by their sheer numbers.

Brother Voodoo then found himself strapped to the Mind-Mechanism. Samedi explained what AIM had been up to, and used the device on him, so that he would join his army of zuvembies. However, Brother Voodoo feigned compliance, while a lizard under his control chewed through the machine's wires. Destroying the Mind-Mechanism freed the zuvembies and Brother Voodoo ordered them to the surface. Samedi tried desperately to kill Brother Voodoo, but a stray blast from his staff accidentally brought down the Mind-Mechanism upon himself, crushing him. The entire base then collapsed.

Other Media


Baron Samedi appears in the second season of Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, portrayed by Justin Sams.


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