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Baron Silas Greenback is the arch enemy of Danger Mouse, a villainous amphibian constantly plotting world conquest or worldwide destruction.


Baron Greenback was created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall of Cosgrove/Hall Productions Ltd, and debuted in the cartoon Danger Mouse, episode 1 "Rogue Robots" on 28th September 1981. He was voiced by British actor Edward Kelsey.

Character Development

The hoarse-voiced toad Baron Greenback uses a never ending supply of advanced gadgets and weapons in his plots to conquer the world and / or destroy his hated foe Danger Mouse. His constant companion is his pet caterpillar Nero, and he is aided and abetted by his incompetent henchman Stiletto Mafiosa (a crow), and, less frequently, his even more incompetent henchman Leatherhead (another crow). He also teamed up with the then-villainous Count Duckula on one occasion.

Greenback appeared in 56 out of the 89 Danger Mouse cartoons. Between May 1982 and November 1985 he frequently appeared in Look-In Magazine's Danger Mouse comic strip, which was written by Angus P. Allan and drawn by Arthur Ranson. He also appeared in the six Danger Mouse Annuals.

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