Baron Gestapo

    Character » Baron Gestapo appears in 11 issues.

    Nazi scientist who fought The Shield and was also an enemy of Steel Sterling.

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    Baron Gestapo is a old character from the MLJ comics. In his first appearance, he kidnaps a Polish immigrant to see where their hidden gold is, which is... supposedly written on his back. After his escape, barges in the White House and threatens President Roosevelt. He gets beaten up on both times by Steel Sterling.

    When DC Comics published comics based in the MLJ licence acquired, DC reinvented the character as a nazi hiddin in Brazil and who fought the Shield , who interrupted his experiments withthe natives. Unknown to him, this would be the origin of the Jaguar. He also was a member of the Fourth Reich, attacking the JSA. After the licence went back to Archie Comics, it is most probable than all appearances of Baron Gestapo, were retconed out of continuity.

    In his DC appearances, Baron Gestapo used an exo-suit that increases his strength and speed.


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