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Baron Kemeny Zsigmond von Chaos first came into conflict withTeam Achilles during his attempt to seize control of Romania. He held his own against several members until the intervention of the team's telepath, Avi Barak. He was stripped of his armor and then shot in the head and left for dead, only to be inadvertently rescued by The Authority. He was brought aboard the Carrierwhere the Authority were able to save his life with the intention of finding out the whereabouts of Team Achilles, but with the aid of a naive nurse named Mandy he managed to escape to New York City where he promptly made his way to the Romanian embassy to plot his revenge. Not long after, he was contacted by Jumpmaster who had been sent by former senator Sonny Ternsfrom the Project Entry universe. Together, Baron Chaos, Citizen Soldier, and Terns concocted a plan to rid themselves of Team Achilles once and for all.

However, before Baron Chaos could proceed with his allies' plan, he developed a relationship with Mandy. After finishing his sexual relationship with Mandy, Chaos teleport to the Project Entry universe to fight alongside Citizen Soldier, Terns, and Deadhead against Achilles. But in the end they and their enemies were completely stranded in the dead universe which Chaos and the surviving villains then forced to worked with Team Achilles to return to their universe.

Years later, Chaos managed to use his suit to power a teleporter to bring himself and his mixed allies and enemies back to their universe but find themselves at the time when The High's Reaperclones were about to devastate the Earth. Once on their Earth, Chaos and the other villains immediately make their escape from Team Achilles, who didn't bother to catch them.

Baron Chaos is a Wildstorm parody to Dr. Doom.

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