Baron Brimstone

    Character » Baron Brimstone appears in 13 issues.

    Baron Brimstone uses a mixture of magic and technology to commit his crimes. Brimstone has encountered various heroes including Machine Man, Spider Man, Wasp and Paladin.

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    Walther Theodoric  made his presence known as the costumed thief, Baron Brimstone. He would come into conflict with Machine Man when he steals a highly amplified, solar-fueled microwave transmitter called the Sol-Mac from the Chem-Solar Corporation. He claims he is no ordinary man and that he possess powers which transcend the earthly plane. He would conjure up a bulletproof forcefield to protect himself and cast a slumber spell to take down the guards. Machine Man appears but is hit with a mystic bolt and Brimstone turns the Sol-Mac on the living robot. Brimstone vanishes in a puff of smoke and leaves Machine Man damaged and in need of repairs. Brimstone and his Satan Squad which consists of Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston meets a man named Duke Dawson in a musty warehouse. Dawson and his men wanted the Satan Squad to prove their toughness before agreeing to work with them. The Satan Squad takes down a couple thugs with their unique abilities. Brimstone offers them a choice to join them and grow rich or refuse and suffer damnation eternal.  
    Brimstone's newly formed Satan Squad launches a number of highly specialized hijackings. Days later, Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston kidnap Pamela Quinn when Duke Dawson attempts to reveal information to her on Brimstone's next job. Macjine Man finds out that Brimstone and his gang attempt to steal a solid gold bell from the Cathedral of St. Gabriella of the Highlands. Machine Man quickly dispatches Hammer and Snake and then he sees Brimstone with Pamela as a hostage on his helicopter. Brimstone pushes Pamela off the chopper but Machine Man detaches his left arm and uses it to catch her and bring her down safely. Machine Man engages Brimstone and his thugs on the chopper. Machine Man finds the ship's electrical battery and electrifies the whole ship which jolts Brimstone into unconsciousness. Brimstone is defeated and taken into police custody.    


    Baron Brimstone was created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko in 1980 and first appeared in Machine Man # 16.

    Story Arcs

    Sometime later, Brimstone would escape from prison when he hypnotizes a prison officer and orders him to open his cell. Brimstone retrieves his precious equipment and frees another superpowered inmate called the Sandman in exchange for his assistance on a matter of personal vengeance. The two men teleport back to Brimstone's upper Westchester estate. Brimstone tells Sandman that he wants his help to eliminate Machine Man. The two criminals teleport into the headquarters of Delmar Insurance looking for Pamela Quinn. Sandman engages with Machine Man which catches the attention of your friendly neighborhood Spider Man. Brimstone and Sandman escape with Pamela Quinn and a brief scuffle ensues between Spidey and Machine Man. The two come to their senses and agree to work together so they can save Pamela. The heroes find Pamela tied up in Brimstone's manor and engage the villains inside. Brimstone conjures up a dimensional gateway but Spider Man quickly follows. Spider Man would reach the Baron and rip the metal apparatus attached to Brimstone's back. Both men reappear back at the mansion but Brimstone escapes after Sandman is electrified by Machine Man.   
    Ms. Van Dyne would be introduced to Baron Walther Theodoric by her friend Tinky Weissman when she visited the island resort of Utopia Cay. The Baron invites Ms. Van Dyne to visit his yacht before she departs. During her stay, she meets a man named Paul Denning and the two hit it off. Janet is unaware that Paul Denning is the hit-man known as Paladin. The couple is invited to Baron's bon voyage party and they agree to come. Later that evening, Janet shrinks down to enter Paul's room because he fails to answer the door. She discovers a number of photos of the Baron and an empty gun case. During the party, Brimstone teleports himself and his masked henchmen into the cashier's office of the island resort casino. He uses his powers to open the vault and out comes Paladin. The assassin was hired to stop Brimstone and Paladin starts gunning down the Baron's men. The Wasp would appear from Brimstone's cape and destroy his micro-electronic harness. Paladin would knock out Brimstone with a kick before he can use a glass ball filled with a noxious gas on the Avenger.  
    • Acts of Vengeance

    Baron Brimstone is one of numerous criminals that include Stilt Man, Armadillo, the Owl, Orka and Man-Ape that try to attack the Fantastic Four at a court hearing during the Acts of Vengeance. All the criminals are defeated and taken into police custody. The current whereabouts and activities of Baron Brimstone are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Baron Brimstone appears to use a combination of magical powers and technological devices in committing thefts. Brimstone claims to have obtained a certain competence in the mystic arts but also employs advanced technology when it suits his purpose. He wears a metallic apparatus attached to his back that consist of advanced technology and uses it to stimulate the mystical. Brimstone can teleport, fire mystic bolts, conjure up mystic shields and dimensional gateways. He has also conjured up demons but whether they are real or an elaborate illusion is unknown.

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