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Agua Sin Gaaz lived in Haiti as a vodoun master and trained the grandmother of Empress. Empress's grandmother escaped Haiti when pregnant with the mother of Empress, Oshi Fite. Empress' grandmother fled Haiti because of the fear of what Sin Gaaz would do to the baby. She managed to hide from him in Louisiana and Sin Gaaz wasn't involved with the family, until he attempted to kill Donald Fite and accidentally killed his own daughter, Oshi Fite, which left Empress without a mother. Sometime later, Sin Gaaz went to live in Zandia, where he smuggled body parts from all over the world and grew his antibodies and practiced his experiments involving recreating life with the use of science and voodoo. Sin Gaaz tries to help Zandia win in the Olympics by eliminating Tina Thomas, but it fails. He is then involved in the comic again when Ishido Maad and Donald Fite attempted to stop the Baron's smuggling, which led to Donald's death. Empress enraged eventually goes to Zandia with th rest of Young Justice and many other teen heroes to get her revenge. While fighting Sin Gaaz she realizes it wouldn't be right to kill him, then as he tries to put her into one of his chambers for recreating life, he is hit by an arrow from Bonnie King dressed as Arrowette and falls into his own chamber and dies. Two of his creations were infant versions of Oshi and Donald Fite and they are brought back to life when their souls escaped Secret after his death. Empress currently raises the infants.

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