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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 1522

Sector Partner: Service pre-dates Sector Partners



Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown


As a

Green Lantern

, Barin Char was responsible for the protection of the myriad worlds of Space Sector 1522. During his time in the

Green Lantern Corps

, Barin Char had the opportunity to serve with other Green Lanterns, including


of Bolovax Vik. It was on a border world in his sector that Barin Char met his gruesome fate.

In an isolated area of the planet, a previously unknown alien species had set up a hive within a rock formation. The Green Lantern was investigating the aliens which would, if left unchecked, pose a threat to the population of the planet. Somehow, Barin Char was separated from his

power ring

and at some point, either before or after, was attacked by a "face hugger," a creature which hatched out of the aliens' egg and would forcibly plant an alien within a victim. Barin Char was then partially cocooned in the hive while a new alien gestated inside him. When it was ready, the alien violently burst free from Barin Char's body, killing the Green Lantern.


Guardians of the Universe

dispatched six veteran Green Lanterns to discover what had happened to their fellow ring wielder. Kilowog,

Katma Tui

of Korugar,


of Slyggia,

Green Man

of Uxor,


of Xudar, and

Hal Jordan

of Earth would learn why Barin Char had not reported to the Guardians. It was Hal Jordan that found Barin Char's ring and lifeless body. After a brief struggle with the acid-blooded aliens, the Corps removed the aliens and their eggs from the planet to be transplanted to a planet on which they would not prove a threat.

It was decided that the planet-form Green Lantern known as Mogo would be the safest place in the universe for the aliens to reside, or so they thought...


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