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    Low-class Saiyan warrior who worked under the space tyrant Frieza. He is the father of Goku and Raditz. He was thought to be killed by Frieza with the rest of his species, but he was sent back in time due to the strange powers that he got from an alien that he killed. He is considered to be the original Super Saiyan of legend that Vegeta spoke of in the the Namek Saga. He is also the grandfather of Gohan and Goten. He is the lover of Gine, the mother of Kakarot and Raditz.

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    Bardocks squad
    Bardocks squad

    Bardock, the father of Raditz and Goku, was a low-class Saiyan who worked for Frieza, roaming the galaxy, conquering planets. While destroying a planet he is cursed with the ability to see the future by an alien. While Bardock is recovering from a wound, his team sets out to conquer a planet, believing they will be fine without Bardock's help. They are defeated, however, by a group of Frieza's elite warriors.

    Frieza saw that Bardock and his squad was growing in power greatly from the battles they fought, and sought to end their progression. Bardock arrives at the scene of his squad's death, and confronts Frieza's elite team. At first, it appears as if the squad has the upper hand, but Bardock soon displays his true power, demolishing his enemies. This surprised the elite team because they thought Bardock to be weak because of his low ranking.

    Bardocks final energy attack against Frieza
    Bardocks final energy attack against Frieza

    He is struck down after, however, by Dadoria, Frieza's henchman. Bardock returns to planet Vegeta, barely alive, and attempts to recruit the other Saiyans to stand against Frieza. Gaining no support (most are afraid of Frieza's wraith), Bardock sets out to confront Frieza by himself.Bardock barrels through Frieza's men surrounding his space craft, and stops with the planet Vegeta behind him. As Frieza emerges from his ship, Bardock launches his final spirit cannon, hoping to destroy Frieza.

    Bardocks Death
    Bardocks Death

    Frieza retaliates with his own ball of energy, an attack large enough to destroy not only Bardock, but all of planet Vegeta. Before Bardock is obliterated, he has a vision that his son will be the one to avenge the Saiyan race by defeating Frieza. As he dies from Frieza's energy blast he has a vision of his son, Kakarot, transforming into a super saiyan and killing Frieza. This is helps him die peacefully knowing Frieza will eventually be stopped and by his own son.

    The Episode of Bardock

    After Frieza's attack, Bardock mysteriously awakens on another planet. Sure he had been killed, he soon realizes he is on Planet Plant, which was the original name of Planet Vegeta and assumes he has been sent back in time. When two members of the Planet Trade Organization arrives, he makes quick work of them.

    While the Plants phrase him for his efforts, he flies off to be alone in a cave. He is befriended by a Plant named Berry, who brings him food.

    But the disappearance of the Planet Trade Organization members did not go unnoticed. It attracts Lord Chilled, a distant ancestor of Frieza. While Bardock is able to easily defeat his minions, he proves no match for Chilled.

    When Chilled attacks Berry, Bardock becomes angry with his lack of power. This forces him to transform into a Super Saiyan. He is easily able to defeat Chilled, who leaves a message with his last words for his family: Beware the Super Saiyan. This is the event that causes Frieza to fear the Saiyans and their growing power.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Adaptive
    • Agility
    • Attractive Male
    • Male
    • Berserker Strength
    • Blast Power
    • Danger Sense
    • Energy Absorption
    • Energy Manipulation
    • Energy Shield
    • Energy-Enhanced Strike
    • Flight
    • Force Field
    • IntellectIn
    • vulnerability. Body very tough almost impossible to harm
    • Leadershi. Was the leader of a Sayain group of Rebel's
    • Levitation can hover in the air
    • Light Projection. Can shoot energy blast fro his hands
    • Precognition. Is aware of danger
    • Psychic can get in other's minds
    • Shape shifter can power up to great power.
    • Stamina has great stamina able to fight for awhile,least full 24 hours with no rest or injury.
    • Super Eating can eat loads of food and dose not get good for awhile
    • Super Speed can move at mach 4
    • Super Strength can lift up to 20 tons
    • Unarmed Combat excellent h2h fighter


    • Great Ape - Like all Saiyans, Bardock has the ability to transform into a great ape and is able to control it.
    • Super Saiyan - Bardock is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. When he does, his hair turns gold and his eyes turn emerald green. His power is multiplied by 50x. He used this form when he saw Chilled hurting a plant child. He transformed into a Super Saiyan and too out Chilled to win.


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