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    superpowered villain; career criminal; teamed up with Thomas Fireheart and Soren Claus against The Sire.

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    Issac Banks is an African-American man who has been through the revolving door justice system most of his life. During a transport to jail with other criminals, Thomas Fireheart and Soren Claus, a freak lightning storm shocks several cities across the world. The three criminals in the back of the vehicle are struck and embued with mysterious powers.

    The police vehicle is wrecked and chaos is spreading in the neighborhood from the storm. Soren's insane behavior leads him to use his new powers for even more evil on the streets but it's Bard who tries to talk his buddies into leaving so they can get a handle on things. Their escape is interrupted by The Sire.

    Breaking from the stereotype of a Black man as a career criminal, Banks is intelligent and shows signs of humanity that aren't normally visible in villains.


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