Barby Koala

    Character » Barby Koala appears in 15 issues.

    Trained mercenary who is the second-in-command of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. She is the voice of reason and is the skilled hand-to-hand combat member in the group.

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    Barby Koala has ice blue eyes and solid white fur with a tan belly with black ears. She wears red boots and matching gloves and wears a brown shoulder sash across her left shoulder and a brown utility belt and has razor sharp claws that have come in handy time and time again.

    Downunda Freedom Fighters

    Barby Koala serves as the second-in-command of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. She along with her teammates ultimately serves the Kingdom of Acorn and at times she has proven to be more of an asset to the team , and sometimes is more decisive then the teams leader, Walt Wallabee. She has aided the Downunda Freedom Fighters countless times and has proven her worth to the team and to everyone else for that matter. Even though at times she appears to be a more suitable leader to the team, she is always ready and willing to fallow orders which has shown her to be extremely loyal. From the newest issues in Sonic Universe we come to find that she is fluent in ancient languages.


    Walt Wallabee has shown romantic interest in Barby as a potential love interest and has showed it in past issues. Tails also has been seen to have a crush on Barby and though she is much older then him, Barby has slightly flirted with him in the past due to the fact she thinks he is 'cute' and is flattered at the fact he takes such a large liking to her.


    Barby Koala is very kind and caring and expresses concern for both teammates and allies from other Freedom Fighter groups. She is an outstanding fighter and fierce in combat and takes it very seriously. Barby is extremely intelligent and is the teams peace-maker, so to say and she does her best to maintain that peace between all the hotheaded male teammates she works alongside with.


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