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    Barbican was a member of Domina's Warclan, a group of offshoot mutants called the Neo.

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    A member of the mutant offshoot group the Neo. After the High Evolutionary, deeming the mutant population too dangerous, turned all mutants into baseline humans, several Neo, living peacefully in isolation, died, dependent upon their powers for what they were doing at the time. For an unknown reason, possibly hearing who caused the depowering and his reasons saw the X-Men's very public existence as the cause of the High Evolutionary's decision, Domina, whose daughter died underwater losing her ability to survive there, blamed the X-Men and sought vengeance against them. Barbican was a member of Domina's Warclan who fought the X-Men. 
    Magneto approached the Neo and told them to join him in Genosha. They fought back and Magneto killed two of them. Domina then bowed before Magneto and agreed they would go with him. It is assumed Barbican joined them. 
    It is unclear whether or not Barbican or any of the Neo survived Cassandra Nova's Sentinel assault on Genosha. If any survived, it would be assumed they lost their powers on M-Day.


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