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    Barbecue is the G.I. Joe team's firefighter, and has been a member of both their Slaughter's Marauders and Eco-Warriors sub-divisions. His real name is Gabriel R. Kelly, named after the father of a friend of G.I. Joe writer Larry Hama.

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    Toy History

    Barbecue was released in 1985 in the fourth series of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures. He was the team's first firefighter character, until the debut of Inferno in the 8-inch G.I. Joe: Sigma Six series in 2007. His second figure came in 1989 as a member of the Slaughter's Marauders sub-team, where he was given a blue, brown, and green camouflage color scheme. His third figure came out in 1992 as a part of the Eco-Warriors sub-team, and the mold would be used the next year to make the Star Brigade version of Payload. He would not get another figure until 2008, when he was released in the ninth wave of the 25th Anniversary series. This figure would later be repainted in 2009 as a Toys R Us exclusive tie-in to the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, under their "Headquarters for Heroes" banner. He will be getting an upcoming figure in the 2012 Big Bad Toy Store exclusive Slaughter's Marauders 7-pack.

    Comic Book History

    Marvel Comics

    In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, he first appeared in issue #40 (October 1985), crawling out of a storage locker on the Joe's new Transportable Tactical Battle Platform. His appearance is unexpected and earns him a pistol pointed in his face from Shipwreck. He is part of a team of Joes assigned to erect the new transportable Air-Sea Base in the Gulf of Mexico. When Cobra attacks, seeking to trigger the geological fault-line there, Barbecue helps protect the platform, by chopping off burning pieces, and leaping onto attacking hydrofoils. In the next issue, all available Joes are assigned to take down the newly formed Cobra Island. The island was created as a result of Cobra's efforts, and the Joes seek to drive Cobra off the island before they can claim sovereignty. Shipwreck and Barbecue take out a Cobra HISS tank by themselves. Legal maneuvering has Cobra Island recognized as a nation, and the Joes are forced to leave.

    Barbecue later returns to the Gulf, as part of a team of Joes seeking to rescue Ripcord and Snake-Eyes from Cobra Island. They take "Ripcord" back to the Pit, where they discover that this was really Zartan in disguise. After Zartan infiltrates Joe headquarters, Barbecue is seen spraying down the halls with foam, in hopes that the Joes will spot his footprints. Soon after, Barbecue helps take part in the assault on Springfield.

    Barbecue is present when Storm Shadow infiltrates G.I. Joe HQ, in an effort to gain emotional support from Snake-Eyes. When the Cobra agent is left to leave in peace, Barbecue makes a sarcastic comment about a second agent being allowed to leave with knowledge of the Joe HQ location (Zarana being the first in the previous issue). Scarlett, angered at the man's insensitivity, punches him in the face.

    When murderous generals wish to push blame for a Cobra Island raid on the Joe team, he is one of the few Joes to escape capture. He teams up with a team of rogue Joes (such as Bazooka, Roadblock and Grunt) in a successful raid where they rescue General Hawk, and ultimately expose the conspiracy.

    When Cobra later invades the Pit, Airtight and Barbecue fend off a squad of Laser Vipers. They retreat when the B.A.T.s are deployed, which break through the blast doors and prepare to invade the Pit.

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    Animated Series History

    Sunbow/DIC Animation

    Barbecue first appeared in the original G.I. Joe cartoon series made by Sunbow Productions, as well as two of their PSA's dealing with fire safety. He was voiced by Loren Lester (who would later voice Dick Grayson in Batman: The Animated Series). He would later appear in the 1989 DIC mini-series "Operation: Dragonfire" as part of the Slaughter's Marauders sub-team (in the colors of his figure at the time), but had no lines.

    G.I. Joe: Renegades (2011)

    Barbecue appears in the G.I. Joe: Renegades episode "Fire Fight", where he is voiced by Jerry O'Connell. Gabriel Kelly is a firefighter who worked for the Green Ridge Fire Department, at the time when Cobra Industries was constructing a dam. He was against the Anti-Cobra protests at first, but ended up assisting Roadblock in blowing up a dam in order to put out a fire that Firefly (a mercenary hired by the Baroness to sabotage the dam) started. Roadblock gave him the nickname "Barbecue" which he liked. When Firefly ambushed Barbecue and Roadblock in the helicopter, Barbecue fought Firefly, until Roadblock got him out of the helicopter. When offered to help out G.I. Joe, Barbecue stays in Green Ridge to help rebuild it.


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