Holy Neural Implant Surgery, Batgirl!

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So did anyone else notice the one little sentence that seemed to randomly be put into batgirl 5 about how she was able to walk again? It states that she had neural implant surgery. Now correct me if im wrong, i dont remember this being mentioned in any other issue prior to this, i just remember it not being mentioned. So im kind of shocked to see it just placed and then quickly the story moves on. So just a simple sentence explains it all i guess. I was expecting like a filler issue that could go into her struggle of being able to walk again. I think that would have made a great story because it would really show Batgirl's strength as a female character. Now maybe im speaking too soon about and Gail has something in store to further explain this. Now to wait and see i guess.


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I facepalmed and dropped the book.

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