Batgirl: Futures End #1 (Sept 10th)

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Writer: Gail Simone Penciller: Javier Garron Inker: Javier Garron Cover: Clay Mann

It’s five years later, and Barbara Gordon has become Bête Noire – a.k.a. The Black Beast! Part Batman and part Bane, she leads a squad of female agents through the Gotham Underground!

3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US

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Well, that really sucks for me... For the past few years I have been structuring and designing a character/book with the same name. I actually got the idea for the character when designing my first avatar in DCU Online. Tho mine worked one both meaning for La Bete Noire. The literal translation is black beast (which my character actually was) but the phrase is actually used for referring to a nightmare (which my characters origins were derived from the Aboriginal Dream Time)

Oh well, it probably would have never gotten off the ground, still sucks to have the idea snatched out before I could have gotten it further into development.

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