Barbara Denton Norriss

    Character » Barbara Denton Norriss appears in 39 issues.

    Barbara Denton-Norris was originally a minor magic user, finding herself a pawn for much more powerful forces. She went insane. Her body served as a host to Valkyrie. Her disembodied mind later took over Brunnhilde's original body for a while. Much later Barbara was resurrected.

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    In her teenage years Barbara met Jack Norris and they started dating each other. Later her mother died in a car accident, but her mother made a deal with the Undying Ones to offer her daughter to regain her youth. After Barbara and Jack were married they joined a cult that was worshiping the Undying Ones, not knowing that they were manipulated by Barbara's mother, who want to bring the Undying Ones to Earth. When the Hulk was in the area, the cult try to manipulate him into battling the Undying Ones' prison guardian, Darkcrawler. Barbara having second thoughts try to help the Hulk but was, along with the Hulk, thrown into into a different dimension. While Hulk was battling Darkcrawler, Barbara met Dr. Strange who helped Hulk defeat Darkcrawler and Barbara became the new guardian.

    Eventually, Dr. Strange and Hulk, along with their new team, the Defenders, fought the Undying Ones and freed Barbara who had merged with the Undying Ones' leader the Nameless One because of this Barbara returned to Earth insane. When the Defenders fought Casiolena, Barbara's body was taken over by Brunnhilde, who had many adventures with the body. When Valkyrie was killed in Barbara's body her soul was transferred into her sword Dragon Fang. Later Enchantress manipulated the Defenders into searching for the Rose of Purity so that she may use it to win the affections of the embodiment of Love, to get the Defenders to do so, Enchantress promised to restore Valkyrie to her original body, an act that would sent Barbara's soul into limbo. However, Love ultimately chose to return to the cosmos, and took Barbara's soul with him to put her soul to rest.


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