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    Baraggan Luisenbarn was once the God-Emperor of Hueco Mundo until Sosuke Aizen invaded. He eventually went on to become one of the Espada and "served" under Aizen, but at the same time he also made a promise to himself that he would one day kill Aizen no matter what. He was ranked as the second espada.

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    General Information

    Birthday: February 9

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 198lbs

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: White.

    Race: Arrancar.

    Espada Rank: 2


    Barragan looks like an elderly man with hair hair and a white mustache. He has a large scar over his right eye and one on the left side of his chin. He has a short but muscular body. His Espada uniform has a regal appearance. He wears gold wrist bands and a large belt. The remains of his hollow mask appear on his forehead as a five pointed crown. The locations of his hollow hole and Espada tattoo are unknown. While released Baraggan appears as a grim reaper like figure. His face and limbs become bones and he loses his pupils. This makes it appear as if he has no eyes. He is covered in a black cloak and he has a gold crown on his head.

    Baraggan's Resurrection: Arrogante
    Baraggan's Resurrection: Arrogante


    Baraggan is very boastful, proud, stubborn and arrogant. His arrogance comes from the fact that he was the former King of Hueco Mundo, until he was defeated by Aizen sosuke. This arrogance would last him even in his defeat by Aizen, which not only provoked a great hatred towards Aizen but also a swear to kill Aizen with his bare hands. He is also hot-tempered and easily angered. Because of his former status as King, he does not hesitate to impose his authority on others. He took the leadership role of the Espada when Aizen was incapacitated and Starrk was unwilling to do so. Despite his personality, he is able to analyze a situation quickly and calmly.


    Baraggan carries around an axe which is his zanpaktou, Arrogante.

    Despite his number as the second strongest Espada, Barragan's powers put him in league with the Primera Espada. His aspect over death as an Espada is Time also known as "old age" which means "time". He states that it is the most powerful. With this he can turn anything he touches or anything arround him to ashes as it rots away from rapid aging. Because of this power Barragan is known as the Bone Tyrant of the Espada's and the self proclaimed king of the hollows. His fraccion even carries around a bag full of hollow bones that when exposed transform into a bone throne. His powers are sealed away within a giant axe (Arrogante) with an eye in the middle of it.


    Baraggan's release phrase is "Rot". When released Barragan sport's a western style Grim Reaper look, with Black Robe, a Golden Crown. He is able to cause nearby things to age and deteriorate. He was able to age Soifon's arm who had to amputate it so she wouldn't be killed by it.

    Baraggan's Resurrection name is Arrogante.

    His special ability is referred to as


    Barragan's most powerfull attack, in which Baraggan breaths and when it touches anything it turns it to dust, including Kido.

    He also wields the Gran Caida a variant of his Zanpaktou used when he is in his resurrection form, is a big Ax that looks like a guillotine.

    Powers and abilities

    • Immense Spiritual Power.
    • Master Axe Wielder.
    • Sonido Expert
    • Enhanced Strength: Despite his elderly appearance, Barragan possesses great physical strength. His strength is enough to crush an arm rest made of bone and to wield his large axe with enough force to slice through buildings with just a casual swing.
    • Enhanced Speed.
    • Enhanced Durability: Baraggan was able to survive a attack from Soifon's bankai without any signs of damage.
    • Enhanced Hierro.
    • Garganta: A way of transportation to and from Hueco Mundo. It is done by tearing the dimensional fabric between the worlds.
    • Time Dilation: Barragan is able to control time as shown as he manipulates time to slow down Soifon's kick. In his resurrection this power increases to the point were everything and anything around him ages and rots.

    Aspect of Death

    Each Espada represents and aspect of death, which are the 10 reasons human die, and it also represents their power, Baraggan's aspect of death is Old Aging, which means Time, stating by himself that it is the most powerful aspect of death, because Age catches anyone like humans, animal, plants and including shinigamis.


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