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    Banthas are sturdy, easily domesticated animals found across the universe. They are used as beasts of burden.

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    Banthas are large, easily adaptable, mainly herbivorous animals found across several worlds. They can survive without nourishment for several weeks, and can quickly adapt to different environments across the galaxy. Though some subspecies exist, all banthas are quadruped animals with long, shaggy, thick fur and large spiraled horns. A common bantha adult could weigh as much as 4.5 tons and grow up to 10 feet tall. Banthas commonly live between 80 and 100 years of age, reaching reproductive maturity at around 20 years of age.

    Male banthas are often larger than their female counterparts, as well as having larger horns. Male banthas use their horns to fight other males, in ritual combat. Sometimes the two males in combat would entangle their horns, in which case both would eventually die, not being able to look for food or water. The horns grow at a rate of one knob per year.

    Banthas also have a long dexterous tongue, which contains breathing and scent 'spiracles', allowing the bantha to find out where food is using only their tongues. The tongue is used to pull grass and other foods up to the mouth without having to stoop down.

    Bantha herds could grow up to 25 members, led by the oldest female. When the herd grows too large, it is split in two, with the new herd led by the second oldest female.

    Female banthas produce blue milk, which is consumed by different sentient races. Bantha dung is also used as fuel by Tusken Raiders. Banthas are also harvested for their meat.


    Banthas are domesticated on many worlds, where they are sought after for their thick hides and meat. They are used as pack animals, transportation, and in a few instances as war machines. There are several worlds that claim the bantha originated on their planet. However, the planet best suited to these beasts must be Tatooine; there are three subspecies found there, the common bantha, dune bantha and dwarf bantha. Banthas seem best suited to the desert environment found in Tatooine, as evidenced by their heavy role in Tusken Raider society and their use in several other societies of people on Tatooine.

    The swamp bantha is another subspecies, and were first brought to Ohma-D'un to help colonize the area. Swamp banthas are smaller and have less fur than their desert relatives.

    The Kashyyyk bantha is well suited to the Wookie homeworld, being much larger than their desert counterpart, they also have three large, unspiraled horns on their heads. They are not to be confused with the Kashyyyk greyclimber.

    The Kilian bantha lives in the mountain environment of Kilia IV. These banthas have longer, thicker fur than the common bantha of the desert.

    The feral bantha is found in Talasea, and are undomesticated, ferocious creatures.


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