Character » Bansa appears in 6 issues.

    User of a version of the Dial H from another reality and leader of the Dial Bunch.

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    Bansa was the dial user from a different reality. However she discovered than her h-dial was a dial than stole the powers of the heroes from other realities instead of just copy them and that caused her a great grief, because she suspected than that could had caused the dead of many heroes. After that, Bansa never used the dial again, even in the most dire situations.

    Searching a way to expiate her guilt, she found the ways to travel to the reality of the Open Window Man, who has lost his partner, Chimney Boy, who has lost his powers in a key moment and died for that. Bansa revealed her fault at that event and recruited the help of Open Window Man to search more people using H-dials. They eventually crossed path with the Fixer, a being who traveled through realities hunting people who use the different dials. Eventually both would recruit more people of different worlds who used different kinds of dials, always after the hunt of the Fixer.

    The group, calling themselves the Dial Bunch eventually reach earth, where they found dial user Nelson Jent and Manteau, whom they saved from the Fixer. With Manteau, Bansa shared the knowledge she had learn from the dials and both eventually, learned more about their origins and their connection to a place called the Exchange.

    Eventually the Dial Bunch reach the Exchange where they found the lost Operator and the Fixer, along with their new ally, the Centipede. The Operator could overcame the control of most of the dialusers, but could not do much against the not dial users. When they saw how Dwan collapsed in a myriad of mixed identities, Manteau and Bansa improvised a dial with crossing wires than created mixed identities, to fight against the operator. However Bansa was killed by the Centipede before she could witness the defeat of the Operator.


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