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    Bankotsu is the leader of the Band of Seven that Naraku brought back to life using the shards of the Shikon jewel. Bankotsu wielded his demonic halberd Banryu to battle against Inuyasha within the caves of Mount Hakurei.

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    The Band of Seven

    Bankotsu and The Band of Seven
    Bankotsu and The Band of Seven

    Before he became leader of of the Band of Seven, Bankotsu traveled with his good friend, Jakotsu. The two companions faced off strong humans and demons. At some point during his travels, he came across, the powerful half-demon, Naraku, who told Bankotsu about the Shikon Jewel. Afterwards, he allied himself with fellow warriors Renkotsu, Jakotsu, Suikotsu, Ginkotsu, Mukotsu, and Kyōkotsu to form would become the Band of Seven.

    Armed with demonic halberd, Banryu, Bankotsu led the Band of Seven and they became the most infamous gang of mercenaries throughout the land. They were hired by warlord after warlord to dispatch their enemies. However, the last warlord who hired them felt that they were too powerful, and sent his men to hunt them down. While the mercenaries were celebrating their latest victory, the were soon surrounded by numerous soldiers of allying Daimyō.

    Trapped with no other option, the Band of Seven decided to run and escape of the soldiers. However, they all were captured, Bankotsu was separted from his weapon, Banryu, and he and his band were beheaded and buried. Fifteen years later, Bankotsu and his Band of Seven were resurrected with seven Shikon Jewel shards by Naraku, and was promised eternal life if he were to kill Inuyasha and his, and Koga of the demon wolf tribe.

    Battle with Inuyasha

    Inuyasha vs. Bankotsu
    Inuyasha vs. Bankotsu

    After being resurrected, Bankotsu retook his position as leader of the Band of Seven. He then stormed the castle of and took the life of the warlord to murdered him, O-Yakata, and retrieved his weapon, Banryu. Afterwards, the Band of Seven went on a killing spree and the scent of blood attracted Inuyasha and his friends, drawing them to the castle. They then encountered and engaged the Band of Seven in battle. During the fight, Bankotsu and Inuyasha were evenly match. However, Banryu was heavily damaged by Inuyasha's Wind Scar and he and his band were summoned by Naraku to retreat.

    Afterwards, Banktosu took the two Shikon Jewel shards that were stolen from Kagome by Renkotsu and embedded them in Banryu, repairing it and making stronger, almost as much as much as Inuyasha's Tessaiga.

    Fight on Hijiri Island

    Soon, Bankotsu encountered Inuyasha again Hijir Island. The sacred barrier around the island weakens both their powers, but Bankotsu is relatively unaffected due to being human. He manages to injure Inuyahsa and the battle begins to turn in his favor until Miroku dispels the barrier around the island, restoring both Inuyasha's Bankotsu's powers.

    Even with their full strength returned, Bankotsu still had the upper hand since he had a taken any damaged during the fight. He then uses his Dragon Thunder attack Inuyasha along with his friends. Bankotsu then returned his attention to Inuyasha and decided to finish him with another Dragon Thunder, but was countered Inuyasha recovered. Bankotsu then begin to clash blades with an angered Inuyasha blow for blow, but were once again even. Inuyasha attack with his Wind Scar, but was countered by Bankotsu's own energy wave, Dragon Hammer. They sent wave after wave of energy at each other, but the fight reached an impasse and Bankotsu was teleported away by Saint Hakushin.

    Final Battle on Mt. Hakurei

    Final Duel
    Final Duel

    Inuyasha and Bankotsu eventually clash again in the caves of Mt. Hakurei where Naraku was creating himself a new body and Bankotsu was in charge of protecting him. The two fought furiously in a battle to the death with Bankotsu surpassing Inuyasha in both weapon skills and hand-to-hand combat, but the half-demon continued to fight despite being completely outmatched. However, before they could continue their battle they were surrounded by a hoard of demons. As Inuyasha killed the demons to survive, Bankotsu only killed them to add to his 1000 demon record. He succeeded and the wrath of 1000 demonic lives increased Banryu's power.

    Inyasha and Bankotsu continued their fight with the Tessaiga barely holding its own again the demonic halberd, which Inuyasha noted that its power resembled that of Sesshomaru's sword, Tokijin. Bankotsu continued to battle Inuyasha as he revealed what happened when he first met Naraku, how he came to know about the Shikon Jewel, and how he placed power in to his Banryu by making a wish on it of absorbing the wrath of 1000 warlords and 1000 demons, making a total of 2000 lives. Inuyasha comments that Banryu is surrounded by a demonic aura and that it would best for Bankotsu to get rid of it, only for Bankotsu to respond "Go to hell, half-breed!"

    Bankotsu manages back Inyasha into a corner and utilize his Hatred Ball to finish him off. However, due to Banryu producing a demonic aura Inuyasha was able to use his Backlash Wave to send Bankotsu's attack back at him, finally defeating the proud leader of the Band of Seven.


    Bakotsu was a young man who enjoyed killing both humans and demons. However, despite his blood lust, he possessed a sense of honor.

    Skills and Abilities

    Bankotsu was incredibly power warrior who was able to hold his own against powerful humans and demons.

    • Enhanced Strength: Bankotsu possessed incredible strength. He was able to wield the extreme heavy Banryu with one hand where to took three men to just lift it off the ground.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills: Bankotsu was also skilled in fighting barehanded. This was shown when he was facing Inuyasha one-on-one and was able to nearly beat him with his bare fists.


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    • Banryu: Bankotsu was known for his use with powerful halberd, Banryu. The weapon rivaled Inyasha's Tessaiga in both size and strength and only became stronger due to it being empowered by Shikon Jewel Shards and the wrath of 1000 human and 1000 demons. Banryu possessed the ability to manipulate electricity and turn the wielder's hatred in to demonic energy.

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