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Bankelal is a character and one of the popular titles published and distributed by Raj Comics. Bankelal is a funny character, unlike the other action heroes in Raj Comics universe. He is portrayed as the King of Comedy (Hasya Samrat) as the primary objective is to evoke laughter amongst the comics readers through his humorous mischief. The character of Bankelal was created by Jitendra Bedi. The comic books of Bankelal are very famous and much admired by hindi comics readers in the country.

Concept of Bankelal

According to the plot of the series, Bankelal is the son of the Nanku, a farmer and Gulabati. Initially the couple failed to have any children; but as Gulabati was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, they were offered a child as a blessing from the Lord. Nanku and Gulabati named him Bankelal. Once when Lord Shiva and his spouse Goddess Parvati visited Bankelal in his home, his mother offered them a glass of milk. But Gulabati was unaware that her mischievous son had put a frog in the glass. When the truth was revealed, Lord Shiva cursed Bankelal that whenever he tried to harm anyone, the person would be blessed with good fortune and some portion of that will be rubbed on Bankelal as well.

The series basically follows the standalone comic format and issue contains of a single plot. Usually the stories illustrate that Bankelal discovers some secret about King Vikram Singh and plans to use it against him and seize over the throne. He desires to become the new King of Vishalgarh. The plotline is thickened with the introduction of Sadhus and sages, gods and demi-gods and Rakshas and other demons. In the climax, the plans and efforts of Bankelal fail to materialize and the King gets several favours instead of being harmed. Some issues continue the link of the plot in future issues in which King Vikram Singh and Bankelal travel to different worlds known as Lokas.

The character of Bankelal is incredibly stupid but has an impish mind. He is portrayed as a mini-devil who always schemes some mischief. But due to the curse from Lord Shiva, who ever he wants to hurt gets blessed instead and whatever evil activities that Bankelal wants to commit turns out to be a good deed. All the stories of Bankelal are generally funny and humourous which appeals to the comics readers.

Family, Friends and Enemies of Bankelal

Nanku and Gulabati are the parents of Bankelal. He also has a horse named Chetak which is a very humorous character in the series. Bankelal considers King Vikram Singh as his arch nemesis. His main aim is to dethrone Vikram Singh and become the King himself. Queen Mohini is the wife of King Vikram Singh. Mohak Singh is the prince of Vishalgarh and is rather aware of Bankelal`s evil plans. The courtiers, which includes Mahamantri, Prabandh Mantri, Senapati and others, are envious of Bankelal`s fame. Bhokal and Tilismdev have also been featured in the series in guest appearances.


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