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His Mama was living with her cousins and working in their garden near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when one day the air around her started sparkling and she fainted. She was several months pregnant at the time. It was the day of the Three Mile Island disaster in 1978, and despite what those "gov'ment" men told her, apparently she received a hefty dose of radiation from the fallout. Banjo was born disfigured and a mutant, as a baby Banjo had giant claw-like arms and the beginnings of a hunchback.

Banjo was taunted as a child for being ugly and dumb and having a hunchback. His twin brother, Bugeye, also developed an early mutation, and would stick up for brother by using his "brain bubbles" on the other kindergartners. His Mama decided to move Banjo and Bugeye back to her old home village, deep in the mountains of South East Pennsylvania.

Spider-Man stumbles upon their village while looking for Robbie Robertson. They mistake him for a government agent and Banjo attacks the tree Spidey is sitting in. Spidey tries to web Banjo up, but he easily breaks free, and starts throwing things at Spidey. Bugeye knocks him out with some of his brain bubbles. When Spidey wakes up, Mama has decided to teach the "gov'ment" a lesson by letting Banjo hunt down Spidey, who is forced to participate or Bugeye will just cause him great pain or knock him out again. Spidey runs into the woods while Mama screams, "Kill Him!" and Banjo follows.

They run near a patch of underground coal fires, and Spidey surprises Banjo. But Banjo throws him into a stone outcropping above the burning coal ground, which doesn't seem to bother Banjo at all. He grabs Spidey and tries to squeeze the life out of him. Spidey smashes him in the head, Banjo falls into a mineshaft while disoriented, and Spidey saves him with a webline and brings the unconscious Banjo back to the village.

Bugeye is all set to knock Spidey out again, when Banjo stops his brother and tells him that Spidey saved his life. Mama reconsiders her position on hating all strangers. and stuff, and Spidey leaves peacefully.
Powers & Abilities:
Banjo is a mutant that possesses superhuman strength and durability.


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