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Unit 1 was created, along with his friends 2 and 3, for one purpose: warfare. They are used to locate any threat to the US and neutralize them, he was kidnapped for the use of the government and turned into a killing machine. He along with units 2 and 3 were augmented with weaponized suits that locked into their bodies and allowed for full mobility. His suit is built much like a tank being the large of the three animal units.


Bandit was created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Character Evolution

Unit 1 is a Labrador retriever known as Bandit who was kidnapped and turned into a machine for the government. His out look on the world is simple, he does good things he is a good dog if he does bad things he is a bad dog. After he and the other animal units escape their prison his one main thought is HOME, finding somewhere he can call home. He is able to speak but nothing more than three word blurbs. Unable to live without the medication he along with the other animal units were given while at the Government he and his "friends" deteriorate over their time outside the compound.

Powers and Abilities

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Unit 1's suit is equipped with a pair of sub machine guns. The barrels are in each of his toes and can fire as many bullets as his suit can hold. His suit also has great leaping ability shown when he leaps straight through a oncoming jeep. He can also do many things at once shown in the same instance with the jeep, firing round after round as well as tearing the men in the jeep to pieces. His suit does allow for some speed but not to the same speed as Unit 2 (Tinker). His suit allows for untested amount of strength which allows for every part of his body to be enhanced with strength (He is able to chomp through steel).


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