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    The Banari are a race of alien, aquatic humanoids, similar in appearance to the Homo Mermani (Atlanteans, Lemurians) of Earth. Their skins are red in contrast to the blue and green skin coloration of the Homo Mermani.

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    Some time ago experienced the death of most of their male population due to some kind of virus. The surviving males were allowed to have polygamous marriages in an attempt to repopulat their planet. But their population continued to dwindle. Determining that the waters of their planet had become inhospitable, a number of the Banari escaped to space. Searching for a new homeworld for their race.

    The space-traveling Banari arrived on Earth. They attempted to contact the Atlanteans to seek their help. Mistaken for invaders, the Banari were instead annihilated. All except Tamara Rahn, who found herself stranded on the planet. She initially attempted to seek revenge on the Atlanteans. But once Vashti understood the grave error of his people, he invited Tamara to join the population of Atlantis.

    Meanwhile back on their home planet, the small population of Banari were unable to properly defend themselves against alien invasions. They were conquered and enslaved by the Fomalhauti. A few members of their race were depicted as slaves of Xlyym, one of the Starblasters.


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