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    Ban is the Fox's Sin of Greed, of the Seven Deadly Sins. He encountered the keeper of the Fountain of Youth from the Fairy King's Forest, Elaine, who died and insisted to give him the Fountain of the Youth to him on her deathbed after the forest got intruded by a Red Demon. Hence, he was known to be as the Undead Ban. Afterwards, he was then accused for causing ruination of the forest and the demise of Elaine yet couldn't be executed regardless of what methods were used.

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    Ban is the third member of the Seven Deadly Sins to appear in the series. He is an immortal bandit who boasts massive amounts of strength and speed.


    Prior to his appearance in the manga, Ban is held captive in Baste dungeon, with hooks stabbed right into his arms and body, with overgrown hair and a large beard. On his way out, he meets a female Holy Knight Jericho, who attacks him. Ban uses the attacks to get himself a haircut and a shave, much to the shock of his opponent. He defeats Jericho and heads out where he meets Jude, one of the Holy Knights known as Weird Fangs, and the one that imprisoned him.

    Jude was of course confident in his abilities, and proceeds to try and kill Ban, saying he was nothing more than bait. Ban explains that he got captured 5 years ago just because he needed the "pain" and that he was now bored of that pain. He quickly disposes of the Holy Knight and heads out where he meets Meliodas and the others.

    Meliodas and Ban quickly engages in a battle of arm wrestling, which eventually leads to the destruction of Baste Dungeon. Next, they are enroute to the Capital of the Dead, where they hear rumours about King wandering. On the way there, Ban and the team encounters a Black Hound named Oslo (tamed by King), blocking their path.

    Ban is the first one to go and face it in order to chase it away. Ban releases his frightening aura, which to the surprise of Ban, compelled the Black Hound to grow, as they grow in size depending on how frightened they feel. Meliodas faces it, and he touches the hilt of the broken sword on his back, chasing the Black Hound away, much to the surprise of the group. The team resumes the journey.

    Ban goes to a nearby town in order to have to cook. He meets a girl there that looks very similar to one from Bans past, the fairy princess Elle. As she collapses, Ban rushes to her aid where the girls brother attacks Ban thinking Ban was responsible for her collapsing.

    As soon as he finished explaining himself, he is stabbed from behind by King. A fight ensues, with an enraged king. He accuses Ban for having killed his sister Elaine, for the fountain of youth that granted Ban immortality. Ban doesn't recognize King in the form of a kid.The fight rages on for a bit before Ban decided to use his ability, but is stopped by Meliodas. At the sight of Diane, King retreats back into the forest.

    The Sins and Ban enter the Capital of the dead
    The Sins and Ban enter the Capital of the dead

    They bring the kids to the inn, and treats them to food. They tell the sins that King is also trying to get into the capital of the dead. The kids tell them that "A priceless memory shared with the dead will open the path to the capital". Ban thanks the kids, and leaves in search for the capital of the dead.

    Ban manages to open the gateway to the capital of the dead, using his memory of Elaine, Kings sister and the guardian of the fountain of youth. Ban darts off into the capital, sensing Elaine's spirit, closely followed by King who believes Ban is the one that killed his sister. Ironically, both of them say the same thing "I wont let you get away".

    King manages to catch up to Ban, who calles him King Imposter, because he didnt know King had the appearance of a kid. King tries to explain that he is indeed king. Ban asks him to leave, but the king denies this request with a smirk on his face.

    Ban neglects King, and darts past him. King catches up to ban, flying backwards, facing down with chastiefol spear in pillow form tucked in his arms, taking casually, accusing Ban of being careless, mentioning the one time Ban stole every stuffed animal in the kingdom of Britannia and the time Ban got drunk in the battle of Edinburg, endangering the lives of the sins.

    Ban stops, and using one hand, tries to hit King with his hand. He was swinging/thrusting the arm so fast, it was giving off after images, but King dodged every single one of them with ease. Ban finally realizes that he was indeed dealing with King, and gets a bit serious, saying he would not feel bad about fighting King, and throws a punch. Ban defends against it using the pillow, and lands on top of a crystal.

    Kings tells the story of how he returned home to the forest, only to find a forest dead and decayed, with his sister Elaine dead. King momentarily holds Ban in the grasp of the chastiefol spear in the form of a stuffed bear. Ban asks King how he knows Elaine, to which he replies with rage, that Elaine is his sister. He tells Ban he should have realized sooner why Ban was immortal, that Ban had killed his sister and stole the water from the fountain.

    Ban realizes why King was after him. He starts laughing, saying that was impossible, because he was immortal. King uses Chestiefol spear and transmutes the bear into Form Three, and petrified Ban, turning him to stone. The spirit of Elaine comes to Ban and frees him of being petrified. Ban leaves Elaine and goes to fight a Holy Knight by the name of Guila. Guila holds off Ban, Meliodas and Diane until King arrives and defeats her. The land of the dead rejects the Sins and sends them back to the world of the living and King reunites with the team. King talks about the Holy Knights to the team and wishes for them to retrieve their Sacred Treasures after finding out the 3 other Sins lost their treasures.

    They travel to the town of Vaizel and enter the fighting festival after discovering Diane's treasure is there. Ban, King, Meliodas, and Diane, who is undercover, manage to make it to the finals. Ban and Meliodas are a match up and the two duke it out in a bloody battle. Ban manages to steal all of Meliodas' physical attributes and upon delivering his final blow, Meliodas' demonic power emerges and blasts Ban outside of the arena, causing him to lose. Hawk returns Ban back to arena and the Sins are attacked by another group of Holy Knights, Helbram, Jericho, and Guila once again. Jericho, now amped, manages to defeat Ban. He wakes up and takes Princess Veronica hostage. Jericho attacks again from behind and frees Veronica. When Meliodas breaks free of the Goddess Amber, he becomes controlled by his demonic powers. He begins to rampage and Ban tries to fend him off only to be sliced in half. When Ban regenerates, he saves King and Elizabeth, taking them away from Meliodas until he is returned to normal.

    After the events of Vaizel, Ban and King train and discuss what happened in Vaizel. Ban tells King he wants to get to the Kingdom and get the Horn of Cerunnos to revive Elaine. He meets up with the rest of the Sins and eventually learn an armored giant is being attacked by some Holy Knights. King, Meliodas and Ban get there and see that it is Gowther, the Goat Sin of Lust, and try to protect him. Eventually the real Gowther makes his appearance known and the monster reveals itself as a demonic experiment. Ban removes the heart of the man trapped within and it becomes even crazier and they are forced to defeat it via Gowther's help.

    After a reunion with Gowther makes some things awkward, the Sins are ready to reclaim Liones. Diane throws Ban and Meliodas for miles into the Kingdom. While in the Kingdom, Ban and Meliodas see giant roots everywhere, they decide to separate and Ban heads inside the Kingdom. He finds the Horn of Cerunnos and the Goddesses speak to him and tell him he must kill Meliodas in order for them to revive Elaine. Ban appears to Meliodas after Meliodas was in a fight and attacks him, even taking his arm off and tells him he must part of the demon clan and he will kill Meliodas in order to save Elaine. Meliodas agrees to give Ban his life but he must help save Elizabeth first. Ban accepts the terms and begins attacking and killing the demon transformed holy knights and eventually stumbles across and saves Jericho.

    Ban rejoins with the other Sins for the final battle with Hendrickson and they manage to defeat him after a long and grueling fight. The team celebrates the saving of the Kingdom and while leaving the Kingdom, Ban decides to leave the team and head off on his own for awhile.

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhuman Strength:

    Ban possesses superhuman strength. Even before becoming immortal, he was able to rip a heart out of a massive Red Demon. After becoming immortal, the full extent of his powers are unknown but he has shown to go to blows with Meliodas who can damage small mountains. He kicks down steel doors like nothing, and an arm wrestling contest with Meliodas destroyed the massive Baste Dungeons and the supposedly indestructible magic seal around it. He can further increase his strength via the power of his snatch magic, but there is a limit to the amount he can absorb.

    Superhuman Speed:

    Ban is incredible fast. He can disappear to the human and fight faster than it can follow. He can also disappear and reappear to some of the faster members of the Sins like Meliodas and King on occasion.

    Superhuman Agility:

    For someone as tall as he is, Ban is extremely flexible. He is agile enough to evade a dozen chastiefol spears thrown at him all at once without being touched.


    After being forced to drink from the Fountain of Youth by Elaine, Ban become immortal. He has not aged in 20 years, he does not need to eat or drink. He has survived 30+ executions involving decapitation and even incineration. His body has been sliced in two, his torso reduced to nothing and he still regenerates back. This makes Ban incredibly resilient to damage, especially blunt force attacks. He isn't bullet-proof or resistant to stabbing but his healing factor takes care of it. Despite his immense regenerative capabilities, Ban does not possess endless stamina. His body can become exhausted, especially after using his magic ability for an extended period of time.

    Skilled Combatant: On top of his formidable abilities, Ban is a fantastic combatant and a very perceptive fighter at times. He was able to deduce that Meliodas was one from the Demon clan. He is very skilled in his weapon of choice, a 3 sectioned staff.


    Ban's magical ability is called Snatch. The basic ability allows him to rob physical objects and physical attributes from opponents without ever touching them. If used on weapons, this stops their motion and pulls them towards Ban. He has also used this technique to break the bones of enemies as powerful as Hendrickson at his peak, via twisting their limbs with the "pull" of the technique.

    Physical Hunt: Enables Ban to steal all physical attributes of an opponent and add it to his own. If Ban uses this technique too much, he can overexert himself and he will be unable to even walk for a period of time.

    Fox Hunt: Allows Ban to grab a hold of an object and pull it towards himself, bypassing any obstruction. He has used this attack to remove organs from opponents to instantly kill them.

    Vanishing Kill: This technique allows Ban to extend an energy whip of purple light that delivers an incredibly powerful, and near instantaneous, slash to an opponent.

    Assault Hunt: Ban is thrust forward and beheads all in his path.

    Hunter Fest: Ban steals all the physical strength of every being within a 100 foot radius. This is similar to Physical Hunt but the power is much greater with the same after effects such as being unable to even walk for awhile. This technique with a large enough amount of people allowed Ban to stalemate a demon mode Meliodas in hand-to-hand to combat, fighting until both were exhausted and unable to move.

    Zero Sign: A technique that enables Ban to become invisible to even the most powerful of opponents and sneak past them.


    Three Sectioned Staff: Ban possesses a 3 sectioned staff that he has had from before the days of being immortal. The staff is made of an unknown material but is extremely durable and when wielded by Ban is capable of inflicting severe damage to high level opponents, such as being able to slice off Meliodas' arm. Ban is also capable of utilizing this weapon as an extension of his powers. When used in conjunction with his snatch the staff "extends" by appearing as a purple whip of light. When a member of a 7 Deadly Sins, Ban used a 4 sectioned staff by the name of Courechouse. This was his sacred treasure, but it was taken away upon his arrest. When he was freed from prison, he somehow came upon his old three sectioned staff once more.


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