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    Ban-Luck is a Chinese agent of GRAMPA

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    Not much is known about Ban-Luck except that she laughs in the face of danger, literally. Ban-Luck is a field agent of GRAMPA, Global Reaction Agency for Mysterious Paranormal Activity. After the Mighty Avengers led by Hank Pym are deputized by GRAMPA agents  One Eyed Jacquie and Ace, the means for collaboration between the Avengers and Grampa are made possible. As the Chinese GRAMPA liaison Ban Luck hand selects Quicksilver and USAgent for a special mission in Tibet. Meeting them in Xining China, Ban-Luck casually engages in a skirmish with the two heroes before before playfully apologizing then explaining the mission to them both. She explains that Quicksilver was chosen for his knowledge of the Inhumans, and that the threat was somehow related to the Inhumans. She jokingly informs USAgent he was selected because he was hot. In Tibet they spy on the former Inhuman King the Unspoken. GRAMPA had discovered that China and the Inhumans might be in negotiations to join together. With the Inhumans declaring war on the United States, this would throw the balance off. She shows no superhuman powers but has great agility, and wears high tech head gear with three lenses. Her main weapons are razor sharp throwing hearts. 


    Ban-Luck is a Marvel comics character, created by Dan Slott, and Stephen Segovia. She is a member of Grampa, she first appears in The Mighty Avengers #25 released in 2009.  

    Major Story Arcs 

    The Unspoken

    Ban-Luck whilst on a mission with Quicksilver and USAgent, to Quicksilver's realization become aware that they are up against the former Inhuman King the Unspoken. Spying the powerful ex king they are witness to the Chinese superhero team The Peoples Defense Force engage the Unspoken in battle. The Unspoken is quick to defeat The Peoples Defense Force, seemingly fatally wounding some, leaving others such as Radioactive Man and the Collective Man merely severely injured. This display of power enough for USAgent to realize that more Avengers will be needed to face the threat. Attempting to rouse the injured members of the Peoples Defense Force quickly turning into a fight between them and Ban-Luck, Quicksilver and USAgent before they put aside differences realizing who the true threat is. Things go from grim to worse when the Unspoken unleashes his Slave Engine. A device which expels a strain of Terrigen Mist which devolves any who come in contact with it. Ban-Luck is kept safe from inhaling the highly toxic gas standing near Quicksilver who uses his mutant powers to fan the gas away, and others like Scientific Beast and Radioactive man are protected from the mist. Many heroes such as USAgent are turned however. Assistance arrives when scores of Avengers and Avengers associates arrive to help, as Ban-Luck and her companions fight off many of the Alpha Primitives under the Unspoken's control as well as newly turned heroes brought under his dominion from the effects of the Slave Engine. Eventually the numbers start to work in favor of the heroes as Unspoken is defeated. Ban-Luck thanks the Avengers as well as taking one last opportunity to flirt with USAgent.     

    Powers and Abilities

    Outfitted with advanced technological equipment, Ban-Luck is very agile and quick on her feet. She carries and uses signature heart shaped throwing knives. Ban-Luck's high tech head goggles allow for three modes of vision. The tri-noculars can gauge energy as well allowing for threat determination.   

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