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Bambo was once a man; however, he was killed in an unknown accident and became a zombie. He teamed up with Garbagemouth and the two of them committed crimes together.


Bambo was created by Bob Burden for the relaunch of the Flaming Carrot. He appeared in the first issue, Flaming Carrot Comics #1 - Flaming Carrot Goes PC!

Major Story Arcs

Flaming Carrot Goes PC

Bambo was seen fighting alongside Garbagemouth; however, he was easily distracted by the Flaming Carrot's baloney gun. Once Garbagemouth had been killed by the Flaming Carrot he tried to become Flaming Carrot's side-kick, but Flaming Carrot wanted nothing to do with the zombie and had the federal officers arrest him for his crimes.

Bambo didn't stay imprisoned for long however, using his super human strength he busted out of jail, eventually finding the Flaming Carrot. It was lucky for the Flaming Carrot that Bambo arrived, as his being undead made him immune to the weapons of the Pigmies (of which FC was fighting at the time) and Bambo was able to rescue the Flaming Carrot. His actions (and his charm) won the hearts of FC's many girlfriends and they chose to keep him around, despite the fact that FC wanted to bring him back to prison.

Some Days Are Stones

Now a member of the Flaming Carrot crew, Bambo is seen doing simple chores around the house. Due to his drooling issue (likely because he's a zombie) he now has a cup taped to his chin. His relationship with FC's girlfriends progressed to the point where FC worried that they might like Bambo more than they like him!

Bambo is seen again at the home of the Flaming Carrot when a door-to-door salesmen comes knocking. He proves his worth when he attacks the salesmen, sending him running and making his new master, the Flaming Carrot, incredibly pleased. Unfortunately Bambo would goof up after following the Flaming Carrot to his date with Princess Norma Lescaboura, scaring the Princess and causing her to flee. To make up for his error he aided the Flaming Carrot when he took on the Pigmies for a second time, jumping from a helicopter to destroy the massive ear they were constructing out of paste and french bread.

Flaming Carrot and his pals were unable to find Bambo after his bold move, but the epilogue to this story suggests that he wound up obtaining a massive amount of money from an unknown source and cashing it, eventually moving on to a new portion of his life.

Powers & Abilities

Bambo is a zombie and is assumed to have all of the properties of the traditional zombie.


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