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    The trouble maker of the Eight Kings and the world's strongest primate, Bambina rules over the five billion monkeys in Gourmet World's 'Area 7' a continent 60% larger than our own earth. In his Sealed form, Bambina's Capture level is 6,000, Unsealed his power eclipses Horse King Heracles.

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    Powers and Abilities


    Bambina has demonstrated the physical might to easily lift in excess of 100 tons.

    • Cuts mountains off the ground and throws them around the earth at the speed of sound
    • Accidently mutilates the Four Heavenly Kings, he ripped Toriko's arm off and it should be noted that this version of Toriko was much more powerful than a version of himself who casually carried a gigantic bowl of food to feed 32 billion people and slapped said bowl to fling the contents around Human World, comprising 30% of the large planet's surface area
    • Sends First Form Acacia flying with a punch
    • Ragdolls Acacia again
    • Sends a shockwave into outer space with a circumference similar to our earth, the attack cuts a meteor and satellite in half
    • Obliterates a Neo pod, these spores each have the energy equivalent to the spinning of a large planet


    The Monkey King can move, fight and react above the speed of light.

    • Can race alongside Derous' extra-dimensional laser, this laser had previously traveled fast enough to soar out into the solar system in seconds, making it massively faster than light.
    • Is too fast for 4HK to process moving, in a tenth of a second he rips them to pieces, processes Sani's eyes closed and runs up the mountain. Toriko at this point in the manga, dwarfed his pre-time skip self in speed who reacted to lightning while in the sky, inside a tornada at -50 degrees with his eyes closed
    • While in his suppressed form and on a planet bigger than Uranus with the gravity to match, Bambina's 'soft jump' propels him vertically at mach 145
    • Easily dodges six of Coco's Mold Spears from near point blank range. These spears are lightspeed.


    • Loses an eye from Acacia/Neo's attack but returns to the fray unperturbed
    • While in his suppressed form, Bambina takes a team attack from the 4HK without injury. For added context: Zebra's Beat Punch had destroyed the internal organs of a beast capable of taking a large country scale attack without a scratch. Here Zebra is exponentially more powerful and amped his Beat Punch with Enbu but to no avail as the Monkey King was undamaged
    • Doesn't die from getting ripped in half, blasted several times and comes back into the fight


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    Enbu is a skill exclusively taught to the simian natives of Area 7 and then later to the 4HK. This ability allows the user to unite the wills of every cell in their body for a variety of effects including: kinetic energy dissipation, gravity negation and attack amplification.

    As seen in the image above, Bambina is the most proficient user of Enbu, his ancestor had cracked Area 7 and Bambina himself used Enbu to ward off attacks from Toriko, Zebra and Sani.


    The Monkey King's killing intent manifested itself in a telepathic manner when he got angry for less than a second and caused the 4HK's lives to flash before their eyes.

    Additionally, Bambina's awareness, like the other seven Kings, is potent enough for him to sense events on a planetary scale.


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