Bambi Arbogast

    Character » Bambi Arbogast appears in 193 issues.

    After serving as Tony Stark's secretary for many years, Bambi Arbogast became a manager for one of Stark's companies. She also worked for the Heroes for Hire Corporation, and remains a good friend to Tony Stark.

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    Dedicated Employee

    During a flight home from Paris in a 747 jumbo jet, Tony Stark's plane had crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in the Demon In A Bottle story Arc. Mrs. Arbogast quickly dispatched James Rhodes to fly Stark International's Jetcopter-One to assist Air-Sea Rescue in saving their boss.

    Interesting Trivia

    In Iron Man Vol. 1 # 123, Mrs. Arbogast is being bothered at her office desk by a worried Bethany Cabe who is inquiring about Tony Stark after his plane had crashed over the Atlantic. Mrs. Arbogast pays the young vixen no mind as she studies a dismissal notice. Artist John Romita, Jr. plays around with the Fourth Wall when he draws the list she's holding with the following Marvel contributors' names:

    Frustrated, Bethany Cabe snatches the notice away from Mrs. Arbogast's hands. Mrs. Arbogast tells her that she's got work to do and condescendingly tries to send the intruder off on her way. Tony Stark then unexpectedly appears and prevents the argument from escalating any further by whisking away to his private quarters.


    Iron Man 2 (2008)

    Bambi Arbogast makes a brief cameo in Iron Man 2 as Pepper's secretary. She is played by Margy Moore.

    Iron Man 3 (2013)

    Bambi is also mentioned by name in Iron Man 3 by Pepper. She does have a speaking role though not a visual appearance.


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