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    Commander of the Fomorians.

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    Balor is a the God of death in Irish mythology. He is the son of Buarasainech.

    The King of the Fomorians and allied with the Drunes and other Sea Demons. Balor was a great warrior, which allowed him to rise through the ranks. He has one eye in the middle of his head that burned whoever came before him.

    In Slaine comics:

    Balor and Moloch murdered, raped and plundered Slaine's tribe during the Fomorian invasion until Sláine used his warp-spasm to kill him.


    In ages past Balor was the brother of King Elatha, ruler of Tir Na Nóg, but was imprisoned beneath the waves for twice having waged war on his brother. Though who actually attacked who remains disputed. There he awaits for the causeways from Tir Na Nóg to be reopened.

    As King Elatha reopens the causeways to free his people from their own exile, Balor awakens and strides forth to unleash his eye on Tir Na Nóg. Elatha faces him but is unable to withstand the Evil Eye. Balor is ultimately defeated by Wonder Woman, but vanishes afterwards and is last seen wandering the lands.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Evil Eye: Balor's chief ability is that of his left eye, that once he opens it, unleashes a wave of destructive power that sets everything he sees on fire. Only the artifact known as the Silver Hand and Wonder Woman's Aegis have been able to protect against it.

    Superhuman Durability: Balor has an unknown level of superhuman durability owing to Wonder Woman being able to punch him in the head and he only remarked that it did actually hurt him somewhat.

    Immortality: Like most of the inhabitants of Tir Na Nóg Balor has lived for hundreds of years, but due to his crimes he has spent most of the time imprisoned.

    Other: In a strange twist, Balor's imprisonment appears to have shielded him from the degenerative curse than hangs over Tir Na Nóg that has caused it's other inhabitants to forget much of their own pasts in order to keep them sane during the long years of exile. Balor however remembers everything clearly, including why the land was sealed off in the first place.


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