Balloon Buster

    Character » Balloon Buster appears in 26 issues.

    Lt. Savage AKA the Balloon Buster was an accomplished World War I fighter pilot. He was revealed to be the son of Scalphunter Brian Savage and grandson of Matt Savage.

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    Born and raised in Mustang River, Wyoming, Savage was trained by his poverty stricken father to be a consumate marksman, learning that the gun is merely an extension of the man who wields it.

    At his dying father's bedside, Savage promised to make the old man proud of him by making Savage a name to be remembered.

    Enlisting in the army corps at the onset of WW1, Savage repeatedly disobeyed orders, breaking formation to attack and destroy the German combat balloons, which earned him his nickname.

    Though his commanding officer, Major Michaels, continually sought to court martial Savage, General Talbot of High Command applauded his actions and demanded he be kept in combat. It is not known whether Savage survived the war or not.  

    He said to be the son of Brian Savage AKA Scalphunter and the grandson of Matt Savage


     Lt. Savage was created by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath.

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