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    Ballistique is a rogue government soldier who was manipulated by way of memory implants. Noelle Blanc may or may not be a mutant. She is an associate of the S.C.A.R.s, the deadliest team of women around.

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    Ballistique requested Monet's services in order to rid her of PTSD-sympotmatic nightmares supposedly because she had killed children while in military service. It later appears that these memories were implanted by the military. Noelle approaches a man grieving in the cemetery and addresses him as General Ryan. General Ryan says thank God this is over, to which Ballistique responds by murdering him and saying that is in only just beginning.

    Ballistique travels to Omaha, Nebraska looking for her former teammate, Rococo. She tracks her down at the All Saints Hospital where she works as a nurse. Rococo doesn’t remember Noelle or her past. Ballistique sets up her friend on fire using a flamethrower to reveal who Rococo really is under the skin. Later, Rococo joins Ballistique and Sylvius at the quest to assassinate J. Jonah Jameson, The mayor of New Yotk City . After her teammate, Sylvius intercepted a phone call between J. James Jameson and Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat which revealed information about J. James Jameson’s schedule and personal security details. Noelle goes to the location of the protest where J. James Jameson is going to be in attendance in behalf of New York City.

    She arrives to the protest as it is in progress. Her plan is to pose as a sympathizing of the mayor to gain ground and make a clean shoot to kill him. However, she is interrupted by Banshee as she received an e-communication from his X-factor teammates that have positively identified Noelle as the killer of General Ryan. A few members of X-factor investigations are present at the protest site because they suspected that the crime of General Ryan was linked somehow to J. James Jameson. Ballistique left evidence of her presence at the graveyard murder scene. Longshoot used his powers to revive images of her murdering the general and Rictor made a sketch of her to share out in between his X-factor investigations teammates.

    She battles Monet and Strong Guy, who is in disbelieve of Ballistique being a threat because she was not in possession of any kind of weapons. She mimics the gun with her hand and pull out the trigger. She takes a shoot that aimed to the chest of Strong Guy who fells to the ground into Monet’s arms.


    Due to her cybernetic enhancements, Ballistique fires bullets from her fingertips; hence her tendency mimicking a gun with her hands.


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