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Balkatar is a title that is given to one Cat People in every generation. His job is to answer magicians' summonings and do his bidding. When one fails to follow through with summoners wishes, the punishment is death. Also it's forbidden to bring any foreigners back with them to Land Within, it too is punishable by death.

Mayor Story Arcs


 Intimate Moments
Intimate Moments

Balkatar named Grigar's first mission was when he was summoned by West Coast Avengers. At first he was attacked by Thing, but one female stepped between them and introduced herself as Tigra. She wanted to go to the Land Within, and Balkatar thought her presence was enough to bend the rules of not allowing foreigners to their land. He was right and they were escorted to see the king. When one of the Cat People showed one of the Avengers, fight broke out. Balkatar managed to convince the Avengers that they should comply and give Tigra a chance. Tigra now alone with Cat People confessed that she has two souls and they are tearing each other apart; she wanted the Tigra soul removed. King promised to consider the options and ordered Balkatar to guard Tigra. Balkatar used the chance to show Tigra around the Land Within. On one of the rock formation that had a beautiful overview of the city, they sat down. They felt something for each other and copulated. After that Balkatar explained Tigra that her name was also like a title of sorts, and filled her in with their history. Sharing their stories of Cat People from earth and Land Within, the time flew. Then game the time when king summoned them, as he had reached a decision. He

 Return of Greer
Return of Greer

wanted Tigra to kill Master Pandemonium, and then he separates her two souls. Suddenly Avengers rushed in, they were tired of sitting in their cages and started to fight with Cat People. Balkatar too was attacked. Tigra stopped the fighting and agreed to king's terms. Tigra was made an honor quest and for her they threw a feast. The quests then returned to their own world and Balkatar was left to wait for another summoning.

He didn't have to wait for long, as he was summoned by non other that Tigra herself. She wanted him to track their friend, Mockingbird who was with Master Pandemonium. He completed his task, but stayed on earth a little longer, and was proud that Tigra had found her target. When the Avengers group was separated, Balkatar used the chance to show Tigra a shortcut to Master Pandemonium. Tigra was ready to kill him then, but she lost him still. Balkatar returned to his own world to wait for further calls.

One time just returned from Land Without he was informed that Tigra had returned and brought Master Pandemonium with her and that she refused to kill him. Balkatar was disappointed that Tigra refused the chance and disobeyed. It didn't take long before the Avengers broke out and Tigra was wearing her old Cat suit. Cat People and Avengers started to fight. Balkatar chose Tigra as his enemy, but first he tried to remind Tigra their evening on the rocks for distraction, she didn't fall for it though and trapped him. She then attacked the soul container where Tigra's soul was in and it again bonded with her. The legendary Tigra was born anew. Cat People realized that and seized fighting. Tigra and her friends left Land Within that day, and never returned.

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