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Proper Japanese Title: Panchira to Kyūseishu (パンチラと救世主)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 62: Novel and Letter (小説と手紙 Shōsetsu to Tegami)
  • Chapter 63: Distrust and Trust (不信と信用 Fushin to Shin'yō)
  • Chapter 64: The Same and Secret (まんまと隠し事 Manma to Kakushigoto)
  • Chapter 65: Obstinate and Obedient (頑固と素直 Ganko to Sunao)
  • Chapter 66: Monkeys and Marriage (猿と結婚 Saru to Kekkon)
  • Chapter 67: Panchira and Saviour (パンチラと救世主 Panchira to Kyūseishu)
  • Chapter 68: Toilet and Bath (トイレとお風呂 Toire to Ofuro)
  • Chapter 69: Special Relationship and Hometown (特別な仲と田舎 Tokubetsu na Naka to Inaka)
  • Chapter 70: Three Times and Another Work (三度目と2本目 Sandome to Nihonme)

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