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Proper Japanese Title: Gag to Serious (ギャグとシリアス)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 53: 18 and 40 (18と40 Jūhachi to Yonjū)
  • Chapter 54: Gag and Serious (ギャグとシリアス Gyagu to Shiriasu)
  • Chapter 55: Three Cuts and Three Works (3カットと3作 Sankatto to Sansaku)
  • Chapter 56: Adult and Child (大人と子供 Otona to Kodomo)
  • Chapter 57: Assigning and Draw (フリワケと引き分け Furiwake to Hikiwake)
  • Chapter 58: Single Digit and Double Digits (一桁と二桁 Hitoketa to Futaketa)
  • Chapter 59: Experience and Data (経験とデータ Keiken to Dēta)
  • Chapter 60: Men and Women (男性と女性 Dansei to Josei)
  • Chapter 61: Alliance and Classmates (同盟と同級 Dōmei to Dōkyū)

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