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Proper Japanese Title: Mucha to Konjō (無茶と根性)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 44: Returning Favors and Opposite (恩返しと裏返し Ongaeshi to Uragaeshi)
  • Chapter 45: Disease and Drive (病気とやる気 Byōki to Yaruki)
  • Chapter 46: Eyes Power and Cooperation (目力と協力 Mejikara to Kyōryoku)
  • Chapter 47: Contradiction and Reason (矛盾と理由 Mujun to Riyū)
  • Chapter 48: Life-and-Death and Standstill (生死と静止 Seishi to Seishi)
  • Chapter 49: Recall and Call (リコールとコール Rikōru to Kōru)
  • Chapter 50: Reckless and Guts (無茶と根性 Mucha to Konjō)
  • Chapter 51: Resumption and Low Rank (再開と下位 Saikai to Kai)
  • Chapter 52: Impressions and Dash (感想と疾走 Kansō to Shissō)

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