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Proper Japanese Title: Bunshū to Shashinshū (文集と写真集)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 35: Joy and Lonesomeness (嬉しさと寂しさ Ureshisa to Sabishisa)
  • Chapter 36: Silence and Party (沈黙と宴 Chinmoku to Utage)
  • Chapter 37: Director and the Last Performer (取締役とトリ Torishimariyaku to Tori)
  • Chapter 38: Window and Snow (窓と雪 Mado to Yuki)
  • Chapter 39: Anthology and Photobooks (文集と写真集 Bunshū to Shashinshū)
  • Chapter 40: Sea and Ups-and-Downs (海と浮き沈み Umi to Ukishizumi)
  • Chapter 41: Shoring up and Patience (テコと我慢 Teko to Gaman)
  • Chapter 42: Laughter and Lines (笑いとセリフ Warai to Serifu)
  • Chapter 43: Joke and News (ボケとニュース Boke to Nyūsu)

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