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Proper Japanese Title: Yume to Genjitsu (夢と現実)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 169: Voices and Responses (声と反響 Koe to Hankyō)
  • Chapter 170: Publicity and Popularity (知名度と人気 Chimeido to Ninki)
  • Chapter 171: Microphone and Script (マイクと台本 Maiku to Daihon)
  • Chapter 172: Miho and Naho (美保と菜保 Miho to Naho)
  • Chapter 173: Moment and Final Volume (瞬間と最終巻 Shunkan to Saishū-kan)
  • Chapter 174: How It Should Be and How It Ends (あり方と終わり方 Arikata to Owarikata)
  • Chapter 175: Release Date and the Night Before (発売日と前夜 Hatsubai-bi to Zen'ya)
  • Chapter 176: Dreams and Reality (夢と現実 Yume to Genjitsu)

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