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Proper Japanese Title: Yoyū to Shuraba (余裕と修羅場)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 152: Synergistic Effect and New Record (相乗効果と新記録 Sōjō Kōka to Shin-kiroku)
  • Chapter 153: World and Opponent (世界と相手 Sekai to Aite)
  • Chapter 154: Weekly and Monthly (週刊と月刊 Shūkan to Gekkan)
  • Chapter 155: Workplace and Notebook (仕事場とノート Shigoto-ba to Nōto)
  • Chapter 156: Margins and Hell (余裕と修羅場 Yoyū to Shuraba)
  • Chapter 157: Antagonists and Switching (敵キャラと入れ替え Teki Kyara to Irekae)
  • Chapter 158: Drawn Out and In One Go (間延びと一気 Manobi to Ikki)
  • Chapter 159: Tempo and Ferris Wheel (テンポと観覧車 Tenpo to Kanransha)
  • Chapter 160: Perseverance and 900,000 (頑張りと90万 Ganbari to Kyūjūman)

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