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Proper Japanese Title: Hagemi to Omoi (励みと想い)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 125: Impatience and Comeback (焦燥と逆転 Shōsō to Gyakuten)
  • Chapter 126: Analysis and Results (分析と結果 Bunseki to Kekka)
  • Chapter 127: Hot Blood and Utter Defeat (熱血と完敗 Nekketsu to Kanpai)
  • Chapter 128: Portraits and Jeering (似顔絵とひやかし Nigaoe to Hiyakashi)
  • Chapter 129: Youth and Destiny (青春と末路 Seishun to Matsuro)
  • Chapter 130: Fever and Ashes (熱と灰 Netsu to Hai)
  • Chapter 131: Copycat and Subconscious (模倣と無意識 Mohō to Muishiki)
  • Chapter 132: Headstands and Reorganizing (逆立ちと立て直し Sakadachi to Tatenaoshi)
  • Chapter 133: Encouragement and Feelings (励みと想い Hagemi to Omoi)

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