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Proper Japanese Title: Shinrisen to Kimeserifu (心理戦と決め台詞)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 116: Goals and Assessment (狙いと評価 Nerai to Hyōka)
  • Chapter 117: Fan Letter and Blog (FLとブログ Fan Retā to Burogu)
  • Chapter 118: Back and Front (裏と表 Ura to Omote)
  • Chapter 119: Overconfidence and Publicity (過信と宣伝 Kashin to Senden)
  • Chapter 120: Internet and Faces (ネットと顔 Netto to Kao)
  • Chapter 121: Confidence and Resolve (自信と覚悟 Jishin to Kakugo)
  • Chapter 122: Psychological Warfare and Catchphrases (心理戦と決め台詞 Shinrisen to Kimeserifu)
  • Chapter 123: Pizza and Tea (ピザとお茶 Piza to Ocha)
  • Chapter 124: Examination and Provocation (考察と挑発 Kōsatsu to Chōhatsu)

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