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Proper Japanese Title: Aidokusha to Hitomebore (愛読者と一目惚れ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 107: Suitable Things and Favorite Things (合ってるものと好きなもの Atteru Mono to Suki na Mono)
  • Chapter 108: Avid Readers and Love at First Sight (愛読者と一目惚れ Aidokusha to Hitomebore)
  • Chapter 109: Romeo and One-Year Anniversary (ロミオと一周年 Romio to Isshūnen)
  • Chapter 110: Together and Separate (一緒と別々 Issho to Betsubestu)
  • Chapter 111: Interference and Trust (口出しと信頼 Kochidashi to Shinrai)
  • Chapter 112: A Punch and a Single Stance (パンチと一人立ち Panchi to Hitoridachi)
  • Chapter 113: Weak Points and Dedication (不得意と心掛け Futokui to Kokorogake)
  • Chapter 114: Love's Path and Footbridge (恋路と歩道橋 Koiji to Hodōkyō)
  • Chapter 115: Commemorative Photoshoot and Classroom (記念撮影と教室 Kinen Satsuei to Kyōshitsu)

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