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Proper Japanese Title: Gaka to Mangaka (画家と漫画家)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 98: Handshake and Adjustments (握手と手直し Akushu to Tenaoshi)
  • Chapter 99: Tears of Disappointment and Tears of Joy (悔し涙と嬉し涙 Kuyashinamida to Ureshinamida)
  • Chapter 100: Margin and Trap (余裕と落とし穴 Yoyū to Otoshiana)
  • Chapter 101: Complaints and Desire for Improvement (苦情と上昇志向 Kujō to Jōshōshikō)
  • Chapter 102: Artist and Manga Artist (画家と漫画家 Gaka to Mangaka)
  • Chapter 103: Futility and a Challenge (無駄と挑戦 Muda to Chōsen)
  • Chapter 104: Step and Watch (ステップとウォッチ)
  • Chapter 105: Defects and Outlines (不良品とアタリ Furyōhin to Atari)
  • Chapter 106: Match and Fest (試合と祭 Shiai to Matsuri)

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